Rewarding Gym Pod Users with Our All-New Loyalty Programme

The Gym Pod Gives Back To Its Most Important Stakeholders

That would be our Gym Podders! Thanks to them, our existing container gyms have seen majority of our peak-period slots being frequently booked. It’s always a pleasure for us to walk pass our Pods and see them occupied by users pursuing their fitness goals. Furthermore, we notice many familiar names and faces (through the CCTV while performing mandatory checks) who use The Gym Pod regularly.

To give back to our community of Gym Podders, we’ve released our very own rewards programme that all users can access via The Gym Pod mobile app!

Please update your Gym Pod app to version 1.2.5 or later to have access our Rewards Programme

Gym Podders are rewarded with Activity Points (AP) when they make bookings and complete other activities on the mobile app. In this post, we’ll be elaborating more on the various activities plus future rewards and activities that our Gym Podders can look forward to.

The Rewards Programme can be easily accessed via the menu at the bottom of the app screen. Gym Podders will then be able to see the history of their APs earned, how to earn APs, and a page to redeem free sessions in exchange for APs.

What it means: Make & Complete 2 or 3 bookings in 7 days

Referring to the screenshot above, once you make a booking, you will receive 10 APs when your session(s) is over. If you make ANOTHER booking within the next 7 days, you will earn 10 APs for that particular booking and an additional 10 APs.

Now, if you make ANOTHER booking (Already 3 in all) within 7 days of the first booking, you will earn a 10 APs PLUS an additional 20 APs. Therefore, if you make 3 bookings within 7 days, you will earn a total of

10 AP x 3 (For 3 Bookings) + 10 AP (Bonus for 2 Bookings in 7 Days) + 20 AP (Bonus for 3 Bookings in 7 Days) = 60 AP Per Week

What it means: Make & Complete 1 Pod Booking every week in a month

Simply put, if you book the Gym Pod at least once a week for the whole month, you will earn a bonus of 50 APs at the end of month. So, assuming you workout 3 times a week for a month, here’s what your AP earnings will look like

60 AP x 4 (For 3 Bookings Per Week for 4 Weeks including Weekly Bonuses) + 50 AP (Bonus for One Booking Per Week in a Month) = 290 AP Per Month

What it means: Kept The Gym Pod Clean & Tidy

The Gym Pod was created for our community of users to enjoy a private and comfortable space for keeping fit. Therefore, it’s important for all Gym Podders to keep the Pods clean, tidy, and have the equipment returned to their various marked locations. Today, we are really happy that a big majority of our Gym Podders have been contributing to this cause!

To reward our considerate users, we will need the help of all Gym Podders. That’s why we recently include a tidiness survey in our app, which appears when your booking starts:

When you select ‘YES’ to the tidiness survey, the Gym Podder before you receives 20 APs. In turn, if the Gym Podder after you gives you a ‘YES’ to the tidiness survey, you’ll receive 20 APs too!

Earning FREE sessions with your AP

After accumulating APs, you can use them to redeem FREE per pax and per pod sessions. Here’s what the sessions will cost in terms of APs

It’s basically 700 APs for a Per Pax session and 1,800 APs for a Per Pod session. If you workout at least 3 times a week at the Gym Pod and keep the container gyms clean and tidy, it’s really easy to earn free sessions! Here’s a simple calculation to show how many APs you can earn in a month:

290 AP x 4 (For 3 Bookings Per Week for 4 Weeks including Weekly & Monthly Bonuses) + 20 AP x 12 (For tidiness bonus for 12 bookings per month) = 530 AP Per Month

From the above calculations, you’ll earn at least a free per pax session in a span of less than 1.5 months!

Future Rewards & Activities to earn AP

We are currently in the midst of collaborating with fitness professionals to bring a Gym Pod Workout Guide. With this workout guide, you can select and follow guided exercises programmes based on your fitness goal – totally FREE.

Our mission is to make fitness accessible for everyone. Now that we have accessible gyms, we are striving to make fitness knowledge accessible too. The workouts in the guide will come in a “checklist” form, where you can simply check off the exercises and sets that you have completed during your booking period. Besides helping you move closer towards your fitness goal, you will also earn APs for completing workouts in our guide!

The workout guide will be part of the existing Gym Pod mobile app and we are expecting to launch it before the first half of 2019 ends.

We are also working on collaborations with other brands and businesses that provide products or services that complement our Gym Podders’ active lifestyle. These includes fitness meal preps providers, activewear and accessories brands, etc. These will become redeemable rewards on our platform. So, you won’t have to spend your APs on sessions alone.

Thank you for taking time to read about our rewards programme! We hope that our Gym Podders will find value in the developments that we have rolled out. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

Till next time, here’s wishing you the best in fitness & health,
Gerald Tan
CMO, The Gym Pod

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