Concluding Sengkang’s, Tampines’, & Punggol’s Votes for a Gym Pod. What’s Next?

Sengkang garners the most votes for a Gym Pod in the estate

Congratulations, Sengkang-ers! You guys rallied and emerged as the next estate to get a Gym Pod in your neighbourhood. We’re grateful for the awesome response and, now, it’s time for us to get to work. gym pod As of time of writing, we are already in advanced talks with the relevant authorities to have a Gym Pod placed in Sengkang. These are agencies & organisations that govern the use of land, public spaces, and environmental matters in Singapore. They have been incredibly helpful and receptive to us. All of your votes have played a big part in getting us to this stage. So, for that, we thank you! While we are unable to reveal much details, we can share that a site in Sengkang has already been identified, which happens to be relatively near Punggol. This does not mean that Tampines, our runner-up in the voting race, will not be getting a Gym Pod of their own. The results of from this poll simply help us prioritise the efforts of our lean team accordingly. For now, please give us time as we work towards deploying a Gym Pod in Sengkang. Future developments of the Sengkang Gym Pod will be made know via our Blog.

Awesome News for Easties

With that said, we have awesome news for existing & future Gym Podders living/working in Tampines, Bedok, and several estates in the East:
A New Gym Pod in East Singapore has already been confirmed & is set to launch on 17 april 2019
The reason for this Gym Pod launching earlier than the Sengkang one is due to the nature of the area. There are many more considerations for us to deploy in residential land as compared to commercial areas. So, where exactly in the east do you think this new Gym Pod will be? gym pod Stay tuned to The Gym Pod Blog to find out the exact location, which will be revealed very soon!
Till next time, here’s wishing you the best in fitness & health, Gerald Tan CMO, The Gym Pod
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