4 “Life Hacks” to Build Good Fitness Habits

Work. School. Extra-curricular activities. We understand that life can get extremely busy at times, and it may be hard to juggle multiple things at once. But even with a hectic schedule, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your personal fitness. If you’re having trouble trying to stay motivated with your fitness goals while things get chaotic, here are four simplistic “life hacks” that you can try incorporating in your daily activities to help boost your fitness levels.

1) Make the right things available

One of the easiest hacks we can implement is to simply keep the basic necessities that can keep us healthy nearby and accessible. This can be as simple as packing fruits and veggies as snacks in the morning. As you get hunger cravings throughout the day, you’ll have healthy alternatives readily available rather than spending a few dollars on unhealthy snacks at the local convenient store.

2) Ensure that you keep yourself moving at the workplace

Many of us complain about aching backs and neck due to sitting in front of a computer screen for most of the day. A simple and proven method to tackle this is by taking a few minutes here and there to take a break, move around, and stretch. It’s actually been scientifically proven that going for a walk improves your creativity and has other numerous benefits for your brain. Just because you are at work doesn’t mean you can’t be active! Read more about this!

3) Find motivation in others

We are social creatures. You don’t need to embark on your fitness journey all by yourself. Whenever you feel yourself getting lazy or unmotivated, it always helps to have some extra encouragement from those around you. Workout with a fitness partner who has the same goals as you and is willing to force you to the gym even when you want to skip. Eat with those who encourage you to pick the healthier options even when you want to indulge. Even if you don’t have someone in-person who can assist with things like this, find idols on social media that may inspire you as well. There are many ways to find inspiration from others nowadays, so surround yourself with good company to stay on track.

4) Know what’s right for you

At the end of the day, you know your mind and body better than anyone. Trust your instincts. It’s important to educate yourself on various fitness regiments, diets, etc – but only you can make the decision on what is right for yourself in that moment. For example, just because your friend has lost 30 lbs on the keto diet, doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to adopt that lifestyle. Just because your colleagues do 6am CrossFit every morning, doesn’t mean that is the proper fitness lifestyle for you. Educate yourself, trust your mind and body, and make the right decisions.

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