5 Simple Goals to Kickstart Your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

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This time of the year is one of the best, it’s as if everyone is in their own bubble of festive cheer and holly jolly spirits. Needless to say, in less than a month, many of us may be entering a new decade with our past year’s baggage. Be it a long forgotten gym membership or an oversubscription to bubble tea, there is always that little something that we can make an effort to chip away at to improve our quality of life. Instead of the age-old ‘resolutions’ (which have a habit of not being fulfilled), make small goals to integrate into your daily life; days will soon turn into weeks and months! Down below are our top five easiest health goals to stick to for 2020.

1. Learn something new
New year, new skills — be it learning how to cook or rock climb, you’re never too old to pick up something new. Not only can it be a new-found hobby, it’s an extra incentive if wellness and health is added into the equation. Sign up for couples cooking classes as a date idea to learn kitchen fundamentals and meal prep ideas to replace office lunches. Or try your hand at boutique boxing or barre studios to switch up traditional gym workouts. If you are having fun then exercise won’t feel like a drag. Bonus points if you can get a friend to join you as well for some extra motivation and for the post-class selfie. Not sure which studio to visit? Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new Gym Pod concept being released this month!

2. Exercise regularly
This has probably made its way to many resolution lists, and results may have varied to say the least. Start slow by finding YouTube videos of exercise routines that you want to emulate, such as HIIT or Tabata circuits. The Health Promotion Board recommends Singaporeans to hit 10,000 steps daily, so take the stairs up to your house instead of the lift or walk to your lunch instead of squeezing onto a bus to clock in those extra footprints. If you are interested to start gymming but feel intimidated from the bulky weightlifters and the plethora of equipment, try Gym Pods to familiarise yourself with the machinery and figure out which ones you like the best. What’s more, you can book a slot to share with up to two other people or even a whole pod to yourself — an affordable personal gym with a few taps on your phone screen. If motivation is a struggle, keep in mind that 30 minutes of active moment is better than 30 minutes of lying in bed and Netflix binging.

3. Substitute sugary drinks
Carbonated soft drinks, Starbucks frappes and the biggest offender –– bubble tea. Your eyes may widen at the thought of eradicating your daily drink so we recommend you to take baby steps instead. Start by cutting your intake by half, if you indulge in a boba twice a week then limit yourself to only one. Curb sugar cravings with fruit smoothies that you can make with just a blender and some frozen fruits or even get a fruit juice from the hawker centre which are a cheap and convenient alternative. Acai smoothies and bowls are equally sweet, have healthy fats and fibre and is high in antioxidant content. More often than not, however, your craving pangs for sugar comes from the fact that you are dehydrated, so chug some water and wait a while the next time your mouth itches for a treat.

4. Snack consciously
If you have been blessed with an office pantry full of sugar laced cookies and chips of every variety, I urge you to swat your wandering hand away from them. Swap out office snacks with your own stash, we promise they’ll be equally as filling and definitely guilt-free. Invest in nuts like almonds and cashews to munch on for a midday pick me up over salt ridden crisps. Fruits are also a good option as they are easy to store and eat, such as seedless grapes or mandarin oranges. Instead of skipping breakfast entirely in the morning, keep granola or oatmeal at your desk to tide you over till lunch rolls around. This keeps you full longer between heavy meals, adds extra fibre and protein into your diet and won’t feel a crash after a sugar high from candy and sweets.

5. Get more sleep
If you have the luxury of a job with a standard timing aka the generic “9-5”, it’ll be easier for you to commit to this as you can have a routine sleeping schedule. Start by setting a bedtime every weekday night that will ensure you to get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep. You can also download applications on your smartphone to help you keep track of your sleep cycles for a more detailed analysis. 30 minutes before bedtime, keep electronics and other screens away and try journaling or pick up a book to unwind. It has been proven that blue light emitted from the phone screen mimics daylight and suppresses the melatonin hormone, hence tricking your brain into thinking that it needs to be more alert. A regular sleep cycle helps you to get used to early mornings and gives your body sufficient time to regenerate throughout the night. This benefits your mood, energy and even your skin!

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