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Register for a Class, Get fit, Get Strong and Promote Gender Equality This Month

The Gym Pod is celebrating International Women’s Day, by supporting Aware (the Association of Women for Action and Research) in their upcoming campaign. 

We will be holding four classes this March to support the cause #BreakTheBias. And here’s the bonus, everybody wins: 100% of the proceeds generated by your sign up to the following classes will go to AWARE. 

Four exciting one-hour classes over three days will be held at the now iconic Singapore location of Gardens By The Bay on the following dates:
12 March:     9 am Yoga Fusion Flow
19 March:     9 am Dance Fitness
                    10 am Muay Thai 101
26 March:    9 am HIIT It Up

International Women’s Day is all about 
  1. Strengthening your commitment to gender equality; 
  2. Celebrating and uplifting women’s accomplishments and efforts in your company or industry; and
  3. Rallying behind the ongoing work to achieve gender equality in Singapore 

The event’s hashtag, #breakthebias asks you to imagine a gender equal world. Our world can be free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. Our world can be diverse, equitable and inclusive, where differences are valued and celebrated.

Together we can forge women’s equality and your contribution can help push these measures forward by registering for one, some or all of the above events!

More information on the 2022 campaign can be found at:

Since 1985, AWARE has been the leading women’s rights and gender equality group in Singapore and your support is needed to keep their services up and running, meeting increased needs and to continue their crucial advocacy and research work. 

In 2021, AWARE supported over 5,000 women through their Helpline and over 1,000 sexual assault survivors via their Sexual Assault Care Centre. They also successfully advocated for the enactment of the Protection from Harassment Act, the repeal of marital rape immunity and better access to housing for single parents.

If you can’t make the above dates, you can always just donate anyway, knowing that all contributions are greatly appreciated and will help to continue the valuable support services, research and advocacy work. AWARE is a registered charity with Institute of Public Character status, so all donations are tax deductible.

Register for the Gardens By The Bay Gym Pod classes now and commit to helping women, live, love and compete on a level playing field.
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