A Sundown Marathon Expanded For All

TRACK – The Gym Pod events coming up in 2022

Whether you fancy 42.195km or just 100m, the SD Track events over the next nine months are targeted for you

Beginning this July, The Gym Pod is organising three great track events for Sundown Marathon over the next seven months, not only to test your mettle but to compare your best with the best of others in your age group and preferred distance, in the spirit on goof health and good competition.

Mark your calendars for the SD Track finals on July 2nd, 8th October and the early next year on 14th January.

And don’t worry if you think you might be too old or even too young to take part and be competitive. Age-related categories for entry are:

Under 20s
60s and above

The events straddle the range of track athletics perfectly with 100m, 800m and 3,000m competitions for those July 2nd and January 14th events, with slight variations on 8th October where those faster twitch muscles can test themselves instead over 100m, 200m and 1,500m.

But that’s not all. All three events will host a 4 x 100m relay for families and a 4 x 100m corporate relay bring the spirit of healthy competition to both the home and work place. The family relay must include at least one parent and a child, while the corporate relay must have two males and two females. Spread the word to your colleagues and get that entry in. It’s not just about the event itself but all of that camaraderie that can be developed while training and preparing.

The SD Track events come under the hugely successful Sundown Marathon banner, which saw competitors grow from 6,029 in 2008 to 30,000 in 2019. These events were so successful that they were nominated for the prestigious International Sports Event Management Awards, Marketing Events Awards, the Best Sport Oriented Event and the Singapore Sports Awards for the Best Sport Event of the Year (Local).

Following two seasons of virtual action during those nasty Covid years of 2020 and 2021, the event repertoire has been expanded to capture an even bigger community, forging friendships and fun as well as healthy hearts and minds.

Qualifying will be undertaken virtually, in-keeping with Sundown tradition, between 5pm and 7am. Registration is open to all and once the top five from the various age group have been established, announcements will be made to identify who goes through to the grand finals at the home of Singapore Athletics, the Kallang Practice Track. 

The Sundown Marathon blue ribbon 100m event though takes on an expanded format, which will test your stamina as well as speed. The top 8 in each age group will effectively compete in a knockout event, where they first all line up against each other, with fastest four back in the starting blocks again 10 minutes later for a 2nd round showdown. The two quickest from that race will move on after another 10 minutes to a spectacular head-to-head, 100m shootout to determine the overall winner who by the way will bag a $1,000 cash prize.

The events will also be supported by Guru, a series of webinars on running and fitness topics targeted at the athletes. Topics covered include performance, training plus injury prevention, recovery and remedy. The format is a panel discussion featuring experts in their fields.

Watch out for details on how to register and we look forward to seeing you strut your very best stuff starting this July in Kallang. 

Good luck!
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