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The Gym Pod provides all of the essentials for you to #JustGetStarted and keep going on your fitness journey. A fully private Pod means no queueing for equipment and more than enough space for you to crush the workout of your choice!

Our Gym Pods have a 3-station setup which include a cardio station, a full dumbbell rack, and a strength station. You’ll also find our interactive smart mirror, The PTX, for you to explore tutorials and virtually workout alongside fitness professionals.

Our Spin Pods are equipped with 2 stationary bikes in an immersive setting which streams virtual spin classes. Choose to spin alongside virtual instructors or explore virtual realities!







1. Select Pod, Date & Time You Wish To Book

Use the calendar to book your workout sessions. Book as many as you’d like (subject to availability)!

Each Pod’s capacity is a maximum of 2 pax per session. Workout on your own or bring along a friend!

When you book a session, you’ll be guaranteed the full Pod – meaning you’ll never have to share the Pod with a stranger!

2. Prepare for your session

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water leading up to your session. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle and your personal towel to the Pod!

If you are feeling unwell, please refrain from visiting the Pod.

3. Start Your Workout

Once it’s time for your workout, a ‘Door Open’ button in the mobile app will enable you to unlock the Pod’s door.

For your comfort, the lights and air conditioning have been turned on beforehand to cool down the Pod.

4. Exiting the Pod

Please kindly place the equipment back and exit the Pod on time to allow for the next user to start their session.

If nobody has booked after you, the lights and air conditioning will turn off automatically. You can simply push a button beside the door to unlock and exit the Pod!


All bookings can be done on your mobile phone via the [email protected] by The Gym Pod App!

All guests at [email protected] can book the Pods free-of-charge! Reserve as many sessions as you’d like (subject to availability)!

Our Gym Pods are set up with the foundational equipment to give you all you need for a great workout! You’ll find a variety of cardio and strength based equipment. For more details, please download the [email protected] by The Gym Pod App.

Inside the Spin Pods, you’ll find 2 exercise bikes and a virtual class setup. All you need to do is adjust your bike and wait for your scheduled class to begin streaming!

When your session timing has started, open the App and you’ll find an Open Door button on the home screen. Simply tap it and the door will unlock!

You will not be able to cancel your bookings but you can easily reschedule it to a later date via the App!

Rescheduling can be done from the Homepage of the App. Click the ‘Reschedule’ button and choose the date and time you wish to change to. You can also access your bookings from your ‘Profile’ tab followed by ‘Booking History’. Click on the booking you wish to reschedule and repeat the steps above.

Yes! All Pods can accommodate up to 2 pax per session. You can choose to workout alone or bring along a friend. Either way, the session is fully private, so you’ll never have to share the Pod with a stranger!

Please use the ‘Report & Feedback’ function in the mobile app to inform us about it and we will attend to it as soon as possible.

If you can, please take a photo of it and send it via the ‘Report & Feedback’ function.

If the previous user hasn’t exit the Pod after your session has started, kindly knock on the door or open the door via the App and request for them to leave immediately.

If the user refuses to leave, please use the ‘Report & Feedback’ function in the mobile app to inform us. Using our database, we will be able to track which user was hogging the Pod from you.

If found at fault, we will take the necessary action to either warn or ban the user from The Gym Pod.

Absolutely! We are actively looking to expand overseas and are searching for the right opportunities. If you are keen to explore this with us, please submit your details to us here.



Download The Gym Pod app & book your first workout today!

Use code NEWGYMPODDER to claim your free session at a Gym Pod!



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Container Gym Chain


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