The Gym Pod

For Companies & Teams

Attractive corporate benefits are hard to come by these days ...

… especially gym memberships!

They are so expensive and their tie-down periods are just too long. Is there no other way to give our employees quality perks that contribute directly to their fitness and health?



The Gym Pod was created with the mission of making fitness accessible. That’s why we deploy our Pods in areas where traditional gyms would not – in between office buildings.

Our Pods are also operational 24/7/365, which means that anybody can come by for a workout anytime, any day – great for employees who work overtime or love taking productivity breaks in the mid of day.

Helping Companies Serve Their Teams Better Through Fitness

That’s why we launched the “Your Company X The Gym Pod” campaign – to help HR managers, SME owners, and startup founders bring the benefits of a fit & healthy lifestyle to their employees.

We get it. Running a business is TOUGH and everybody in the company works HARD. So, we want to partner you to give your team an exclusive and private place to build up their fitness and wellbeing.

Companies selected into our partnership programme will be able to provide employees with 20% OFF their per pax booking at any Gym Pod.

No Corporate Payment or Lump Sum Fees

We empower companies with subsided Gym Pod access for all employees – without the need to write a hefty cheque.

On top of that, your employees don’t have to be tied down with a long term pricey membership. They simply pay as they use – with a 20% discount too!

Once approved into the programme, all you need to do is to have your staff download the Gym Pod app, sign up using their company email addresses, and they’re good to go!


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