Warning: We take our COVID-19 guidelines very seriously!

From 10 August, 2021, the following guidelines will be effective. Do kindly note that these rules are in place to adhere to the latest government advisory and need to be strictly followed. Violation of the following rules may result in immediate suspension of your account:

Pax Capacity: For the most accurate information on pax capacity within the Pods, please refer to The Gym Pod App. 

High intensity, mask-off activities: Pods are available only for fully vaccinated individuals. Vaccination verification can be done instantly inside The Gym Pod App. All members must be vaccinated before the session begins in order to open the door.

We will be adopting a zero-tolerance policy. If you are caught in violation of the following rules, you will be asked to leave the Pod immediately and your account will be suspended. If you see suspicious behaviour in the Pods, please do your part and help report it to our team via the App or email.



Extra Cleaning

We hire professional cleaning services and have increased the amount of cleanings inside each pod. Our priority is to maintain a clean and safe environment for all our users.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

For Gym Pod bookings, we have updated our policy to only allow fully private Pod bookings with limited capacity. Please download the App for the most accurate information on capacity and latest pricing.



We’ve placed additional sanitisers and alcohol sprays inside each Pod for our users. We encourage you to freely use at your own discretion.

Added Safety Measures

clean air

Hospital-Grade Air Sanitation

All pods have been equipped with automated air purifiers, which will conduct periodic hospital-grade airborne sanitations. These purifiers are proven to remove 99.99% of virus and bacteria. This airborne sanitation is in addition to our routine cleanings.


Self-Disinfecting Equipment

We apply self-disinfecting coatings to all equipment in the Pod which contain anti-microbial properties and kill germs. This coating is routinely re-applied to all equipment and high-touch areas inside the Pod for maximum safety.


Contact Tracing

If you plan to bring a guest to the Pod, you must also invite them to the session and prompt them to download the App. All users are required to check in and out of the session via SafeEntry. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to us.


I’m fully vaccinated. Can I go to The Gym Pod?
Absolutely! Fully vaccinated members can book the Pods and use them without further restrictions. All vaccination verification can be done instantly inside the App.

How do I obtain my vaccination records?
The Gym Pod App only accepts vaccination records from HealthHub. Please ensure your full name and last 4 digits of the NRIC number are visible upon uploading.

I’m a foreigner and can’t access HealthHub; how do I submit my records?
Contact us at [email protected]

My friend is coming with me to the Pod. Do they need to submit their records?
Yes, your guest will need to download The Gym Pod App and register their own account to submit their own vaccination records. You will also need to share the session with them.

Do I need to wear a mask while working out?
Not mandatory, but it’s your choice! If you prefer to keep it on, then please feel free to do so.

Can I use the equipment inside the Pod?
Yes! As long as you have submitted your records to indicate fully vaccinated status, you can use all the equipment in the Pod.

Do I need to complete thermal scanning and SafeEntry Check-In before entering the Pod?
No, this is no longer required to enter the Pod. Simply tap on Open Door when your session begins!

How many guests can I bring to the Pod?
Please refer to the Pod banners inside the App with the most accurate indications. Guests need to have The Gym Pod App and submitted their vaccination records before the session begins.

Do I need to invite my PT to the session?
During this period, PT’s and their clients can only book sessions for Pods that have 2 pax capacity. If these conditions are met, yes, we kindly ask that you invite your PT to the session.

Does my PT need to wear a mask?
It is up to them!

I am leaving my session and someone is coming in. Should I keep the door open for them?
Although it may be awkward, please refrain from holding the door open for subsequent users. For everyone’s safety, we ask that everyone completes SafeEntry, thermal scanning, and opening the door on their own.

I am having trouble with the thermal scanner. What do I do?
Thermal scanning is no longer required to enter the Pod. Simply tap on Open Door in the App to enter!



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