The Gym Pod

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Gym Pod

The Gym Pod is a 24-hour smart gym built into a modular structure. It is designed such that you can enjoy an undisturbed and private workout at any time of your choosing. We offer a variety of pods ranging from traditional gym equipment to virtual spin classes!

What is different about The Gym Pod from other gyms?

The Gym Pod is focused on one thing. Giving you the tools to build a more confident you. We don’t focus on selling you fake fitness gimmicks, nor do we charge you expensive membership fees. We provide the space, tools, and knowledge to allow you to challenge yourself and meet your fitness goals.

You get to challenge yourself consistently in a comfort zone. We love it, and we think you will love it too!

What equipments do you have?

We have a wide variety of Gym Pods setup in Singapore, ranging from traditional gym equipment to a setup for virtual spin classes! Each pod is a bit different, so we do encourage you to check out the individual pages for each pod.

How do I access The Gym Pod?

First, head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download #TheGymPod app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, register for an account and you’ll be able to see the various pods available in your country. Use the “Book Now” button to access the calendar and book your desired time slots.

At the time of your booking, simply head to the respective pod, and use the “Open Door” button on the Homepage of the App to enter the pod!

My booking has started. How do I open the door?

Follow these steps.

  1. Complete and submit the in-App SafeEntry found on your Homepage
  2. After you’re done, tap the ‘X’ on the top left corner of the screen to exit this page
  3. Proceed to position your wrist in front of the Thermal Scanner outside the Pod
  4. Return to the App and click ‘Open Door’
Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

You will not be able to cancel your bookings but you can easily reschedule it (minimum 2 hours before your session starts) to a later date via our mobile app.

Want more flexibility for rescheduling your sessions? Check out our Monthly Plans!

How do I reschedule my booking?

Rescheduling can be done from the Homepage of the App. Click the ‘Reschedule’ button and choose the date and time you wish to change to. You can also access your bookings from your ‘Profile’ tab followed by ‘Booking History’. Click on the booking you wish to reschedule and repeat the steps above.

Rescheduling is limited to 2 hours before the start of your session. For monthly plan subscribers, you an reschedule anytime before the start of your session.

Want more flexibility for rescheduling your sessions? Check out our Monthly Plans!

Can I bring my friends into The Gym Pod during my booking?

If you booked our Pods using the Per Pax option, you won’t be able to bring a friend in for free. They will also need to have a valid booking made via the app.

However, if you booked our Pods using the Per Pod option, you are free to bring up to 1 friend inside the Gym Pod and Spin Pod (depending on the max capacity of each Pod location). Please make use of the share function located on the Homepage after you’ve made a booking. This is to adhere to the latest government advisory for social distancing and contact tracing rules.

Please note that we take this matter very seriously in the interest of fairness to all users. Our Pods are monitored via CCTV and offenders will be warned or banned from using our Pods.

You can read the rest of The Gym Pod Rules here.

Some of the equipment is faulty. What should I do?

Please use the ‘Report & Feedback’ function in the mobile app to inform us about it and we will attend to it as soon as possible.

If you can, please take a photo of it and send it via the ‘Report & Feedback’ function.

The previous user refuses to leave the Pod when my booking starts. What should I do?

If the previous user hasn’t exit the Pod after your session has started, kindly knock on the door or open the door via the App and request for them to leave immediately.

If the user refuses to leave, please use the ‘Report & Feedback’ function in the mobile app to inform us. Using our database, we will be able to track which user was hogging the Pod from you.

If found at fault, we will take the necessary action to either warn or ban the user from The Gym Pod.

Can I get a discount?

Yes, you can! Make sure to check out the details for our Monthly Plans. We offer incredible pricing and flexibility for both The Gym Pod and The Spin Pod!

I love The Gym Pod, can I have one near my home or workplace please?

Absolutely! We are working with the authorities now to place more Gym Pods at convenient locations. Drop us an email of your suggested location and we will try our best to drop a Gym Pod there!



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