Pod Run 2023

Explore the captivating past of the iconic East Coast Park, with a perfect blend of cardio and stretches.

Partnership Announcement!

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce that The Gym Pod has partnered with the prestigious International Sports Academy (ISA) to support fitness trainers and coaches in their professional development.
Whether you’re looking to become a certified personal trainer or expand your knowledge in areas like obesity management and nutrition, ISA offers a wide range of high-quality courses to pursue your passion.
But there’s more! Fit Start and Fit Premium Subscribers of The Gym Pod receive an incredible 10% discount on any ISA course of their choice.
To avail these exclusive discounts, simply email us at [email protected] for more information.
Stay tuned for additional updates and partnerships as we continue to create an unmatched fitness ecosystem for our community. Together with ISA, we’re excited to support your fitness career like never before.

About ISA

The International Sports Academy was established in 2003 to address the increasing demand for sports education in Singapore.
The group offers knowledge and skills necessary for success in the sports industry, responding to the growing interest in sports for a healthier lifestyle and social cohesion.
They offer a range of programs, from short workshops to professional certification courses, diplomas, and degree programs, through IMSC and ISA.

How do I get 10% discount on ISA courses?

To enjoy a 10% discount on ISA courses, individuals must be subscribed to either the Fit Start or Fit Premium.

The Personal Trainer Package provides access to over 50 Pods in Singapore. Train your clients in a conducive and distraction-free environment.

As an exclusive benefit, subscribers are eligible for the discounted rate on ISA courses.

By being a trainer’s package subscriber, individuals can take advantage of the 10% discount when enrolling in any ISA course.

ISA Courses

ISA provides three categories of courses: ISAPRO, ISAPOP, and ISAPLUS.

ISAPRO courses are designed for aspiring professionals who aim to obtain foundational certification and enter the Sports and Fitness Industry.

ISAPOP courses cater to the general population, offering an introduction to basic concepts in Sports, Fitness, and Wellness. 

ISAPLUS courses target professionals who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge for career advancement and upskilling purposes.