The Gym Pod Mission

The Gym Pod’s mission is to provide the space, tools, and knowledge for you to get better, healthier & happier. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to #JustGetStarted or already a fitness professional, we welcome you as an important member of our community.

Our Values


We use technology to continuously make fitness easier and more accessible for you. Through our automated pods, our app, and unique ways of training, we will always aim to deliver innovative fitness solutions.


Everyone’s fitness journey is different, and it’s not always easy. No matter what roadblocks may come along the way, we are here to help you grow in the right direction.


Some people are more comfortable working out behind closed doors. Others just hate queueing for equipment. We want to give you the space to workout in without any unnecessary distractions.


Whether you’ve never step foot inside a gym before, or you’re training for your next marathon, we welcome all to our Gym Pod community and treat everyone with the same respect.

Our Team



CEO, Founder

The mastermind: Damian wants to make the world better, healthier and happier.

Read Damian's Story

Being an introvert, he doesn’t like going into a crowded gym filled with sweaty, grunting men.

Besides, most gyms are not within walking distance of his home or workplace, so he would have skipped most of his workouts and waste the gym membership away.

One day he had an idea: “What if I have a private space near my home or workplace with just enough equipments to workout? I can also follow workout programs from YouTube easily.”

So he came up with The Gym Pod, a 24hr container gym with no frills that is fully un-manned, private, and small enough to be located within office and housing estates.

He’s still a skinny guy, but he has now started working out regularly. You can do it too.




Chief Technology Officer

Geek of the Gym Pod. He believes technology will transform your fitness regime.

Read Lucius's Story

Lucius spends 10 hours a day staring at the computer.

By the end of the day, he’s mentally drained and lazy to travel all the way to the gym. If only there was a place to lift weights that’s just a few minutes walk away.

Now that we have the Gym Pod, Lucius can workout with Damian and Gerald after their long working hours – at any time of the day!

Like Lucius, Singaporeans are extremely hardworking people. But he can still clock an hour or two of exercise each week. With the Gym Pod, you can too!




Brand & Partnerships Director

More and more Pods means more happy customers. Peter likes happy customers.

Read Peter's Story

Peter was a dedicated football player growing up. Now he enjoys mixing up his workouts which range from lifting weights, calisthenics, doing yoga, or just running on the treadmill to escape the Singapore heat.

Peter’s work days are unpredictable, so it’s hard to maintain a set schedule for exercising. With so many Gym Pod locations conveniently located around Singapore, he can book a session on demand and has all the equipment he needs to complete the workout of his choice!




Business Operations Manager

Fazz pulls all the strings (there's a lot of them!) to make sure day-to-day operations go smoothly.

Read Fazz's Story

Fazz has over 10+ years in the fitness industry. He’s a machine; and he’s ready to help The Gym Pod and our systems run like a well-oiled machine too!




Training Content Director

Using her expertise to help you get better, healthier and happier.

Read Jonathan's Story

Joscelin was a competitive swimmer back in the day. She’s a 4x Olympian and won 40x Gold Medals at the SEA Games (nbd).

She understands what it takes to get to the next level mentally and physically. Now that she’s a part of The Gym Pod, Joscelin is ready to help you get better, healthier and happier.



Wei Han

Operations & Launch Executive

Mr. Get-it-done. Wei Han makes sure all things are in order so you have a flawless experience in the Pod.

Read Pok's Story

Growing up, Wei Han has always been the chubby kid of his social group. Through sports and a change for a healthier lifestyle, he manages to maintain a healthy figure.

Working out at the gym has inadvertently become a part of his life. As an introvert, Wei Han used to tend to stay away from overly crowded gyms. Then one day, he chanced upon a private workout experience at The Gym Pod. He has been a fan from Day 1 and is now a valuable member of the team.





Geek #2 on the team. Jonathan wants to constantly improve and stay fit.

Read Jonathan's Story

Jonathan has a constant yearning to learn and improve. He loves exploring the world of tech and creating new gadgets. Nothing brings him more joy than learning things in the tech space.

In his free time, you might find Jonathan reading, online gaming, or exercising. With The Gym Pod App, he can pick and choose exercises programs that are convenient for his busy schedule!




Customer Service Officer

The answer to all your questions.

Read Shiny's Story

Whether it’s 2pm in the afternoon or 2am in the middle of the night, Shiny oversees all customer service and makes sure that you get the answer to all of your questions.

When she’s not saving the world, Shiny loves spending time with her husband and daughter.




Media Intern

BRB. Making cool stuff.

Read Gwyneth's Story

One of our beloved Media Interns. More to come…




Media Intern

The meme lord.

Read Beatrice's Story

One of our beloved Media Interns. More to come…




Sports Science Intern

Dropping workout knowledge.

Read Hidayah's Story

Our awesome Sports Science Intern. More to come…




Project Management Intern

So many projects. So much to learn. So much fun!

Read Weilun's Story

Our savvy Project Management Intern. More to come…

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