48 Sessions – Per Pod Booking

$432.00 $345.00

Train more & pay less with The Gym Pod Packages! This package entitles you to 48x ‘Per Pod’ sessions at any Gym Pod in Singapore with 24/7 access.

With this package, each ‘Per Pod’ session is only $7.19!


Introducing The Gym Pod Packages

These are Pre-Paid Sessions that you can buy in bulk for a discount of up to 40%! Here are 4 reasons to get a Gym Pod Package today:


1. Enjoy Lower Rates

Get the same privacy, convenience, and awesomeness at a lower rate – As low as $2.09 per session!


2. Long Validity Period

You will have ample time to finish your pre-paid sessions – Up to 7 months validity periods!


3. Packages are Sharable

If the validity periods aren’t long enough for you, you can also share your pre-paid sessions with a friend or colleague. There’s no limit to the number of people you share your package with!


4. All-Round 24/7 Access

The Gym Pod is a fast-growing chain. With our packages, you will be able to book and access all the new Pods that will be launching around Singapore – any time, anywhere!