The Most Conducive & Cost-Effective Gym for

For Personal Training



Enjoy total privacy, earn more, & promote your PT services! Are you a freelance personal trainer looking for a gym to train your clients? Look no further than The Gym Pod.

1. Total Privacy

We welcome Personal Trainers to book our entire Pod (AKA Per Pod Booking) to train their clients. With a smith machine, cross cable, dumbbells, & cardio machines, you can help clients achieve a large variety of fitness goals.

For added privacy, you can bring the blinds down too. You will be guaranteed use of any Pod once a valid booking has been made. There’s even sufficient space to train 2 clients at the same time.

Conducive indeed!

2. Earn More

Unlike traditional gyms, we don’t take a big chunk of your fees. As the fitness professional, you should be paid well. You’re the one creating value for your clients.

That’s why we’re charging you just the booking fee of our Pods – $18 per hour (Only $14 for off peak!)

If you purchase our packages specially designed for PTs, you’ll enjoy savings of up to 20%!

3. Promote Your Services

Be featured on our Affiliated Personal Trainers list (Coming soon)! You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with us for our in-app workout guides and tutorials, as well as make guest appearances on our social media.

The Gym Pod holds health & fitness related events and will need the involvement of Personal Trainers. You can be part of our programmes to further promote your services and grow your personal brand!


POD Packages for Personal Trainers

Save 17% on Per Pod Bookings when you purchase 40 sessions upfront. 20% savings available for larger quantities! To get these packages, complete the form below and a Gym Pod representative will contact you with more info.

Please upload a soft copy of your Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format (Max 5mb):