Please take a moment to read

Rules and Regulations

Warning: We take our max capacity rule very seriously

Do kindly note that these rules are in place to adhere to the latest government advisory and need to be strictly followed. Violation of the following rules may result in immediate suspension of your account:

The Gym Pod: please refer to the capacity stated in the App

– The Spin Pod: 2 pax maximum

The Dungeon: 10 pax maximum

We will be adopting a zero-tolerance policy. If you are caught in violation of the following rules, you will be asked to leave the Pod immediately and your account will be suspended. If you see suspicious behaviour in the Pods, please do your part and help report it to our team via the App or email.

Gym Etiquette

BRING A TOWEL. Wipe your sweat off the equipment. Before using the bench, place your towel on it.

CARE FOR EQUIPMENT. Rack the dumbbells & store the weight plates after use. Please follow the labels we have provided to indicate each equipment’s rightful location. Do not remove anything from The Gym Pod – Cameras are watching. No banging, please. Lower them to the ground slowly.

DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Please wear proper workout attire & covered shoes.

NO EATING. Bottled water is fine.

KEEP THE GYM POD CLEAN. Please do not leave your trash or belongings behind.

Our Rules

1 PAX, FULL POD BOOKING = PRIVATE ACCESS FOR 1 PAX ONLY. By booking a 1 Pax session at The Gym Pod, you’re reserving the entire facility for yourself. Rest assured that no strangers will be able to join you during your session.

2 PAX, FULL POD BOOKING = PRIVATE ACCESS FOR YOU AND A FRIEND. Book for 2 Pad and bring your workout buddy along. You and your guest have the entire Pod to yourselves. Please note that you are responsible for their safety & conduct in The Gym Pod.

LEAVE ON TIME. Please adhere to your booking time and leave the pod punctually so that the next user can enjoy The Gym Pod.

CHECK YOUR BELONGINGS. Please check that you have recovered all of your personal belongings (phone, wallet, headphones, etc) as The Gym Pod is not liable for lost or forgotten items in the Pod.

THE GYM POD IS NOT LIABLE, and therefore not obligated to refund or make reparations, for incidents occurring within 2 hours of sessions which cause a user to miss a session. Incidents include but are not limited to:

  • Bookings of the wrong time
  • Bookings at the wrong location
  • Forgetting to attend a session
  • Rescheduling of bookings at the wrong time
  • Last minute conflicts within the 2 hour rescheduling window
  • Oversleeping
  • Inclement weather
  • Arriving to the Pod late
  • Arriving to the wrong Pod location

MISCONDUCT. Unacceptable and inappropriate behaviours will not be tolerated in our Pods. Actions include but are not limited to:

  • Damage of property
  • Stealing of property
  • Security breach (includes, but is not limited to tampering with CCTV/door locking mechanism, preventing the door from closing and etc.)
  • Harassment of other users (includes, but is not limited to verbal, physical, and sexual harassment)
  • Leaving the Pod unclean and/or unsanitary
  • Exceeding allowed number of pax
  • Overstaying a session
  • Transportation


for violation of rules or misconduct

TEMPORARY TO LIFETIME BAN. The Gym Pod reserves the right to issue temporary to lifetime bans to any account due to user misconduct or breaking of rules. We monitor our cameras regularly.

  • First time offence: suspension of 2 weeks (pre-booked sessions during suspension period may be rescheduled to a later date)
  • Second time offence: suspension of 2 weeks (any pre-booked sessions during the suspension period are subjected to forfeiture without refund)
  • Third time offence: subject to lifetime ban

TO REPORT THE MISCONDUCT OR ABUSE by another user, you can reach out to us via our Facebook & Instagram Pages (@TheGymPod), email us at [email protected], or use the ‘Report & Feedback’ function in The Gym Pod App.