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The Gym Pod Rules

Gym Rules

BRING A TOWEL. Wipe your sweat off the equipment. Before using the bench, place your towel on it.

CARE FOR EQUIPMENT. Rack the dumbbells & store the weight plates after use. Please follow the labels we have provided to indicate each equipment’s rightful location. Do not remove anything from The Gym Pod – Cameras are watching. No banging, please. Lower them to the ground slowly.

BRING UP THE BLINDS AFTER USE. You may use them for more privacy but please bring them up before leaving the Pod.

DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Please wear proper workout attire & covered shoes.

NO EATING. Bottled water is fine.

KEEP THE GYM POD CLEAN. Please do not leave your trash or belongings behind.

Booking Rules

1 PAX BOOKING = ENTRY FOR 1 PAX ONLY. Any subsequent user in the same time slot must have a valid booking made via The Gym Pod App. You are not allowed to bring others in for free.

FULL POD BOOKING = USER HAS THE ENTIRE POD TO HIM/HERSELF. No other user should be inside The Gym Pod. The Full Pod user is allowed to bring in friends (up to the max capacity of the respective Pod) and is responsible for their safety & conduct in The Gym Pod.

LEAVE ON TIME. Please adhere to your booking time and leave the pod punctually so that the next user can enjoy The Gym Pod.


for misconduct or abuse

TEMPORARY TO LIFETIME BANS will be imposed on users who break the rules above. We monitor our cameras regularly.

TO REPORT THE MISCONDUCT OR ABUSE by another user, you can reach out to us via our Facebook & Instagram Pages (@TheGymPod), email us at, or use the ‘Report & Feedback’ function in The Gym Pod App.