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Damian’s a skinny guy. He wants to get stronger and look better.

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Being an introvert, he doesn’t like going into a crowded gym filled with sweaty, grunting men.

Besides, most gyms are not within walking distance of his home or workplace, so he would have skipped most of his workouts and waste the gym membership away.

One day he had an idea: “What if I have a private space near my home or workplace with just enough equipments to workout? I can also follow workout programs from YouTube easily.”

So he came up with The Gym Pod, a 24hr container gym with no frills that is fully un-manned, private, and small enough to be located within office and housing estates.

He’s still a skinny guy, but he has now started working out regularly. You can do it too.




The fitness enthusiast. He wants to get stronger and look shredded.

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Gerald works out 5-6 times a week.

He doesn’t need fancy machines or group classes. He just wants to lift some heavy weights, check himself out in the mirror, and get out. He wants to do his sets progressively and hates it when his rest time is delayed.

One day, Damian told him that he can have his own private gym to do his stuff 5 minutes from his home or office. No crowds, no weight hoggers. He can now make sure he gets his quality workouts done consistently, no excuses.

He loves it. And he thinks you will love it too.




Geek of the Gym Pod. He wants to maintain his fitness level & regime.

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Lucius spends 10 hours a day staring at the computer.

By the end of the day, he’s mentally drained and lazy to travel all the way to the gym. If only there was a place to lift weights that’s just a few minutes walk away.

Now that we have the Gym Pod, Lucius can workout with Damian and Gerald after their long working hours – at any time of the day!

Like Lucius, Singaporeans are extremely hardworking people. But he can still clock an hour or two of exercise each week. With the Gym Pod, you can too!



Yew Jun

The Taekwondo enthusiast. He participates in his sports’ competitions and coaches regularly too.

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Even though Yew Jun’s passion is in the sport of Taekwondo, he recognises the need to consistently work on resistance training to aid in his sport’s performance. To perform at the highest level of his sport, he will need not only to refine his techniques but also to develop fundamental strength in his body. There was also the common issue of meeting weight given the nature of Taekwondo’s competition requirements.

With the gym pod, Yew Jun is able to find an affordable and convenient solution to complement his main sport hobby. Besides, having the privacy to working out in the gym pod, Yew Jun is able to come up with all the creative ideas and designs that you see on The Gym Pod!


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