The Grit Pod is our latest Pod concept dedicated to functional training and dynamic movement. With multiple dedicated strength stations and a large, open functional space, you’ll have more than enough options to unleash your inner beast!

The Grit Pod can host up to 2 pax per station – with 3 stations inside, this Pod has a max capacity of 6 pax. Private coaches and trainers are welcomed to book the entire Pod for their own private group sessions. For the most up-to-date schedule and pricing, make sure to download The Gym Pod App.

Locate us here:


1. Select Booking Details

Search The Gym Pod App, locate The Grit Pod and select your designated time slot. 30-min sessions are available on a 24/7 basis.

Select a singular station and indicate for 1 or 2 pax. OR opt to book the entire Pod to secure the entire space for you and your friends (up to 6 pax).


Per Station (up to 2 pax)

Per Pod (up to 6 pax)

Peak Period


1 pax = $8, 2 pax = $10 $25 full Pod

Off-Peak Period

Mon-Sun: 12am-7am

1 pax = $6.50, 2 pax = 8.50 $18 full Pod

You can secure your session by booking up to 5 days in advance. To unlock the booking schedule 30 days in advance, please consider our subscription plans.

Want to save more money on your sessions? Check out our affordable Monthly Plans!

2. Make Payment to Confirm Your Booking

We accept all major debit & credit cards.

Save your card securely for easier future Pod bookings
Easily reschedule your booking via the app

3. Grit & Grind

Once it’s time for your session, a ‘Door Open’ button in the mobile app will enable you to unlock the Pod’s door.

Please proceed to your designated station [A/B/C]. You may store your belongings at your station. Please refrain from using equipment from other stations that you have not booked. Shared equipment is only designated in the functional open space.

Once your Grit session is complete…

Please ensure you have ample time to return all the equipment back to its designated area. Do remember to clean and wipe down all equipment after use to leave it clean and tidy for the next user.



Download The Gym Pod app & book your first class today!

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