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Say goodbye to expensive memberships and long contracts, and say hello to flexibility and convenience! We’re gifting you vouchers that you can use at your own pace at your preferred location. 

How do I submit proof of cancellation?

Kindly submit the form below and our customer service team will be in touch with your vouchers within 24 hours!

I want to get started!

What cancellations will you accept?

Any and all! We want you to experience the flexibility and convenience of The Gym Pod. As long as you show us a valid cancellation from a gym in Singapore, we’ll reward you with the vouchers!

Do these vouchers expire?

We allow you 4 months to use up the entirety of the vouchers. But, we’re human, and we know that life is unpredictable at times! If you need an extension, kindly write in to [email protected] for our consideration.

Can I book for 2 pax?

Absolutely. Book for yourself or call up your friend or family member and share the love! The vouchers can be used for all of your bookings – at any location.

Can I share the vouchers?

Yes! Like we mentioned, we encourage you to share the love! Feel free to use the vouchers for your own sessions or share your code with your friends and family.



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