Interval Walking Tips

The Power of Interval Walking in Your Fitness Routine Benefits of Interval Walking 1. Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness Interval walking serves as an effective method to elevate your cardiovascular...

Is Brisk Walking Useful?

5 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Brisk Walking for a Healthier You Is Brisk Walking Worth Your Time? In a world filled with countless exercise options, it’s easy to overlook one of the simplest...

Know your heart rate zones

Know Your Heart Rate Zone What is Heart Rate Zone? Target heart rate zone is a crucial concept in exercise and fitness that helps individuals monitor and control their cardiovascular effort during...

4 Ways to Train Cardio on the Treadmill in 25 Min or Less

4 Ways to Train Cardio on the Treadmillin 25 Min or Less 4 ways to train cardio that you can squeeze into just a single 30-min Gym Pod session. Zone 2 training on the treadmill is a valuable tool for...