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Benchmarking Day

Our Strategy

At The Gym Pod, our corporate wellness strategy is built on the belief that a healthier workforce is a more productive one. Our comprehensive health and wellness programs not only focus on improving physical fitness but also prioritize mental well-being.

By providing employees with the tools and resources to enhance their physical and mental health, we empower them to perform at their best. Our approach fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among team members, creating a more cohesive work environment.

Why Choose Fitness As An Employee Benefit?

Did you know that exercise is like a magic potion for your brain? Check out how it can supercharge your mind:

1. Get Creative: Exercise boosts your creativity, making those "aha!" moments more frequent.

2. Learn Faster: Exercise helps you learn things quicker and easier.

3. Remember More: It sharpens your memory so you can recall stuff better.

4. Stay Focused: Exercise helps you concentrate better.

A study from Leeds Metropolitan University found that employees who hit the gym during work hours became super productive, managed their time better, and felt happier at work.

So, don't wait – get moving and unlock your brain's full potential!

DBS Health and Wellness Event

What We Offer


- Personal Training

- Small Group Training

- Yoga/ Stretch/ Pilates Classes

- HIIT Classes

- Fitness Assessment (Benchmarking Day)


- Educational Talks and Workshops

- Inbody Composition Scan

- Health Consultation with Certified Personal Trainers

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