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Coach Xave

Xave used to be someone who disliked exercising altogether. However, he made the decision to start working out in a gym, and after months of training, he began noticing differences in his physique and overall health. In 2003, he made a career shift from civil service to the fitness industry, aspiring to assist others in improving their health and fitness.

Xave always endeavors to empathize with his trainees, consistently seeking ways to aid them in achieving their fitness goals. He is known for his patience, calm demeanor, and composed nature. Xave firmly believes that everyone, regardless of age, should prioritize their health. His motto is “Health is Wealth, Stay Healthy.”


  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Australian Strength Performance Hypertrophy Module Level 1
  • Obesity and Weight Management Exercise Specialist¬†
  • Human Principles Functional Trainer
  • Hybrid Interval Training Specialist


  • Fat Loss
  • Functional Movement
  • Strength & Conditioning

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Globetrotting 
  • Bathroom Singing