Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss?

Doing Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss?

Doing different types of cardio for fat loss has shown that there is no superior method. As the type of cardio exercise itself does not reveal the most efficient way of speeding up fat loss, gym goers, coaches, and exercise scientists search for other ways to enhance their fat loss progress. One such method that has received controversial claims and popularity in recent times is the idea of fasted cardio for enhanced fat loss.

What Is Fasted Cardio?

Fasted cardio, as the name suggests, refers to doing cardiovascular exercise while fasted. Fasting is an abstinence from food for a duration of time; one popular fasting method looks at breaking 24 hours in a day into a 16 hours fasting period followed by an 8 hour eating window. Exercising while fasted is not an uncommon thing; oftentimes, meals are spaced out across the day and we may not have the opportunity to eat at the frequency we want, such that we enter our workout well fed.

Is There A Scientific Basis For Better Fat Loss Through Fasting?

There are two main claims supporting enhanced fat loss during fasted cardio. The first being that when fasted, insulin levels are low, allowing greater fat breakdown for energy rather than storage. The second claim would be that after fasting, stored glycogen in the body is low, forcing the body to utilise stored fat preferentially for the exercise. A study by Paoli and colleagues in 2011 have provided good evidence to show that if the body uses fat for the cardio workout, it uses less fat for a 24 hour period afterwards. Thus, fasting provides no inherent or additional benefits as stored fat usage for energy gets reduced in the time after the fasted cardio workout. Maintaining a caloric deficit through exercise and nutrition will be what results in fat loss.

Is There A Point To Fasted Cardio Then?

Fasted cardio is often done after sleep, which is a fasting period. In situations where food may not be easily accessible, one may have to perform exercise while fasted, including fasted cardio. Instead of treating fasted cardio as a magical solution to enhance fat loss (which is largely disproven), consider the implications to the body when exercising while fasted instead!

Fasted Cardio Considerations

Fasted cardio is done in a state where there are lower glycogen stores; as a result, exercise intensities that demand glycogen for energy will be much more difficult. High intensity interval training often taxes the glycogen-based energy system, making it a poorer choice for fasted cardio. Instead, performing low intensity steady state cardio tends to be the preferred option, as the lower intensity is much more tolerable.

What Exercises Are Good For Fasted Cardio?

Exercises that can be done in a low intensity steady state manner are preferred in the off-chance you have to do fasted cardio. Treadmill, stationary cycling, and the indoor rowing machine are all good options for fasted cardio as they are relatively much safer and allow you to control the intensity of the exercise better. Doing these exercises outdoors is definitely possible, but do take note of additional safety considerations.

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Employing Fasted Cardio In A Fat Loss Program

Fasted cardio is most certainly something viable for a fat loss program, as long as it contributes to your caloric deficit. For those who employ intermittent fasting as a method of controlling their diet and caloric intake, fasted cardio can be worked into this lifestyle to not only burn some more calories, but also develop cardiovascular health and fitness. A few additional sessions of fasted treadmill walking, performed at Heart Rate Zone 2 and for a duration of 20 to 30 minutes daily, can boost the speed of your fat loss by creating or increasing your caloric deficit.

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