Improve IPPT Score
Tempo Runs to Improve Speed

Improve your IPPT Score.

Are you looking to increase your running speed and excel in the IPPT exam? Tempo runs can be your secret weapon. By incorporating sustained periods of comfortably challenging paces, you’ll improve your overall running speed and endurance.

The Benefit of Tempo Runs:

Tempo runs are an effective training technique for enhancing running speed and endurance. By maintaining a comfortably challenging pace, typically at a tempo just below your maximum effort, you’ll train your body to sustain higher speeds for longer durations. Tempo runs improve your lactate threshold, which is the point at which lactic acid begins to accumulate in your muscles. By increasing this threshold, you’ll delay fatigue, improve your running economy, and boost your overall performance in the IPPT exam.

Mastering Proper Tempo Run Form:

  1. Warm-up: Before starting your tempo run, warm up with dynamic stretches, light jogging, and mobility exercises to prepare your muscles and joints.

  2. Pace Selection: Choose a pace that feels comfortably challenging. It should be faster than your regular training pace, but not an all-out sprint. You should be able to maintain this pace for the duration of the tempo run.

  3. Start Strong: Begin your tempo run with a controlled and confident start. Focus on maintaining good running form, including an upright posture, relaxed shoulders, and a slight forward lean. Engage your core and drive your arms forward and backward.

  4. Sustained Pace: Maintain your chosen pace throughout the tempo run. Stay mentally focused and avoid starting too fast or slowing down significantly. Aim to find a rhythm that allows you to comfortably push yourself without becoming excessively fatigued.

  5. Cool Down: Once you complete the designated time or distance for your tempo run, gradually reduce your pace and finish with a cooldown jog or walk to allow your body to recover.

Sets and Reps Combinations:

  1. Beginner Level: Start with a 10-minute tempo run, maintaining a comfortably challenging pace. Gradually increase the duration by 1-2 minutes each week, as you build your endurance. Aim for 1-2 tempo runs per week.

  2. Intermediate Level: Perform a 20-minute tempo run at a comfortably challenging pace. Increase the duration by 1-2 minutes every 1-2 weeks to continue challenging yourself. Incorporate 2-3 tempo runs per week into your training routine.

  3. Advanced Level: Challenge yourself with a 30-minute tempo run at a comfortably challenging pace. Push your limits by increasing the duration gradually, aiming for 40-45 minutes over time. Include 3-4 tempo runs per week to maximize your speed and endurance gains.

Impact on IPPT Performance:

Incorporating tempo runs into your IPPT training regimen yields numerous benefits. By training at a comfortably challenging pace, you improve your running speed, endurance, and lactate threshold. These improvements directly translate to enhanced performance in the IPPT running component, allowing you to maintain a faster pace for a longer duration. Tempo runs also improve your mental resilience, as they require discipline and focus to maintain the designated pace throughout the run. This mental strength transfers to other IPPT components, ensuring you perform at your best during the entire exam.

If you are looking for additional guidance in your training, be sure to enquire for PT services. 

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