Eileen’s training sessions are structured, challenging, and fun, leaving me feeling refreshed and energized. Her positive and patient approach, coupled with her expertise in fitness, mobility, and strength training, helped me learn the importance of proper form, mobility training, and technique.

In this regard, I learnt a lot about proper form that I didn’t even realize was part of training. Learning this made me see training in a new way—that it’s not just about ‘reps’ but involves mental dimensions like focus, coordination, and control as well. Learning about technique allowed me to enjoy training more.

I appreciated her dedication to checking in after each session to see how I was feeling and her commitment to helping me achieve my goals. Even though I learned how unfit my body was, Eileen’s training taught me to value patience, perseverance, and continued curiosity. After just four sessions, I now look forward to training and appreciate its mental and physical benefits.​