Flexible. Encouraging. Caring. Responsive.

When identifying a single phrase to describe my experience with Eileen, my mind inevitably concludes that she makes exercises “meaningful” to the client.

With all the mental stressors from my past injury and disabling my ability to run long distance again, Eileen’s appearance became a perfect psychological reinforcement with her optimistic vitality and consistent support.

Her professionalism and workout is tailored to my personal goal. She is a great listener and making me enjoy workout confidently.

She has provided me with resources, ensuring that I work out with right form to reduce chance of injuries. Once a while she will challenge me with the “just right” challenge, providing assurance that I am improving in strength and mindfulness time to time.

Her heartwarming and cheerful personality enables her to form good interpersonal connections, making me feel like her friend and constantly have me in mind.

Working with Eileen for the past few sessions has provided me with an irrevocable amount of sweat, laughters, good exposure, and increased knowledge on how to exercise meaningfully, at my own pace with good amount of motivation to work towards consistency.